About Eric Pederson

Eric Pederson is relatively misanthropic jack of all trades.  He has played the guitar for over 20 years, but somehow still really has nothing to show for all that time and money invested.  Despite this, however, he’s currently the guitarist/bassist/co-songwriter/co-founder/Pro Tools guy for a still-kind-of-forming group in the San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area called Project: Advance.  In addition to music, the rest of his artistic endeavors are confined to digital photography or sketching.

He’s not just into art though.  He likes theoretical mathematics and science, lean operations/Six Sigma, investing, traveling the world, cars (actually, anything mechanical), museums, the theater, Coca-Cola, and dark comedy/dry humor.  He’s a staunch atheist and supporter of equal rights for everyone…which is something that will never happen, but nevertheless he supports it much like some people support the idea of a stranger on the street give them $10 million for no fucking reason.


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